Survey – help needed

Posted on 10/03/2015

Plus Sized in the Workplace – Survey

If you identify as ‘Plus Sized’ could you take some time to complete a quick survey? Annabel Masson is working on her PhD at Loughborough University. You can find the full details here:

Annabel said

The next stage of my PhD research is to gain an understanding on the size and shape of the plus size working population.

Designing a workplace (for example chairs, workstations, uniforms, protective clothing) relies upon the use of accurate and up to date body measurement data to ensure that the user population will be accommodated by the design. Currently, there is a lack of data based on actual measurements rather than estimates that is both relevant to the design of the working environment and specific to plus size people.

The survey involves  completing a  Self-Measurement Questionnaire which asks questions about the individual and their work and then requires the individual to take 13 body measurements following a set of instructions.  

All responses are anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers! The survey has received Ethical clearance from Loughborough University.

The findings of this questionnaire will be used with the aim of improving workplace design for plus size people. I am passionate about identifying and addressing any inequalities that plus size employees may face within the workplace and am keen to seek responses from a wide audience.