Superdrug – WTF?

Posted on 30/01/2014

Superdrug1You know how occasionally you see a media article, and you have to check the date to see if somehow the calendar has flipped round to the 1st of April and the whole thing is a joke?

Superdrug are apparently trialling new ‘Celebrity’ scales so instead of checking your weight you can compare yourself to a famous person. You might weigh 8 Stone on your Doctors scales but Superdrug have decided that you’ll be happier if you convert that to a ‘Cheryl Cole’ instead. If you’re around 9 stone 4lbs their scales will read ‘Beyonce’ and 14 stone will make you equal to ‘Adele’

A spokesperson for Superdrug said:

‘Our new scales are just one of the ways that the health team here are helping our customers to be more open about discussing their health needs with our in store healthcare professionals. We’re pleased to be piloting these scales amongst our store teams and, if successful, would look at potentially rolling them out for customer use nationwide.’

I’ve long believed that weight is just a measure of, errr, weight. It doesn’t give an accurate measure of health, or fitness or value and I am horrified that anyone thinks it’s a good idea to encourage people to compare themselves to a random Celebrity.

I doubt too that Superdrug has accurate information about the weight of any of the Celebrities whose names they are touting either but clearly, they don’t want to let trifles like scientific accuracy get in the way here. Superdrug say that the aim of the scales is to help bring down the barriers that stop people talking about and managing their weight effectively…

Errr, how, exactly? I don’t actually need to visit  Superdrug to know that I’m a wee bit fatter than Rihanna, and even once I’ve had the news confirmed by an ‘in store healthcare professional’ I’m not clear how the knowledge is supposed to help the pounds fall off.

Sadly too, even if you weigh as much as two Adele’s and a Beyonce <cough> you dont get their looks, their money or their talents. I’ll be happy to prove this for you by singing any time you like, but in the mean time I’m off to write a strongly worded email of contempt and derision to Superdrug.

I hate to post a link to the Daily Fail but you can check the article for yourself by clicking on the link below :(

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Just two short days later Superdrug have apparently had a rethink and withdrawn the scales. I still think the whole thing must have been some kind of misguided joke but I never did get the punchline. You can see about the backtracking here: