Mobility with Dignity – MD350

Posted on 29/03/2014

MD350controlIn the course of my ten years as a demonstration model and product tester I think I have tried most of the hoists, slings and transfer systems on the market. I had a chance a while ago to try a new alternative which, I was told, could transfer a 55stone (350kg) patient from a bed to a chair with just one Carer. I confess, I was somewhat sceptical…

The system – the MD350 from Mobility with Dignity – is a revelation.

It works beautifully and moves the Client easily, quickly, simply and almost silently. You can see the amount of effort it requires from the Carer in the picture to the left – one finger, and one touch!

Having seen the Prototype being built and being allowed to offer feedback I was delighted to see the finished article installed in a beautiful specially built Bariatric Rehabilitation suite in Ritson Lodge, a Barchester Home in Hopton on Sea in Norfolk.

I was then asked to be the demonstration model for the Brochures and the Video of the finished product and was delighted to oblige. In addition to my paid work though I also asked for the opportunity to do a piece to camera and to put my genuine opinion on record without charge. I genuinely think this product is a huge leap forward in terms of patient handling.

I’m well aware of course that no one solution is ever ideal for every single Client, but I’m genuinely excited by the possibilities the MD350 offers. Since it’s inception it’s been developed further and now offers options to provide personal care without rolling and also rehabilitation aids that can be tailored to the individual client. I recommend you follow the links below to see the system in action – and I’m not being paid to say so! :)


Mobility with Dignity website

Bariatric Moving and Handling – the MD350 – YouTube video

Bariatric Moving and Handling – providing personal care without rolling with the MD350 – YouTube video

Barchester Homes – Ritson Lodge