Another side to weight loss..?

Posted on 21/03/2015

Matt Diaz is a bit of a hero in my opinion. 

Matt has worked very hard to lose 270lbs in six years to try to achieve his goals. I admire him for his single minded determination but thats not why I think he’s a hero.

Matt’s journey has gained him many fans, all drawn to his warmth and inclusivity. He’s passionate about being body positive for people of ALL shapes and sizes and lots of us have followed his journey.

When Matt took the incredibly brave step to show people the problems and issues that can follow weight loss I think he did a truly amazing thing. By ‘outing’ himself in this way he proved that his ‘body positive’ message is completely sincere and I found this video incredibly moving.

So here it is:

I hope people will watch the video and admire both his incredible personal journey so far – but also his bravery and generosity in sharing his feelings. Matt, you are and continue to be an inspiration. I sincerely hope you can learn to love your new body, you have definitely earned the right to and regardless of how you currently feel I hope life gets easier for you soon. Your spirit, wisdom and courage shine brightly. Thank you for helping lots of other people feel good about their selves too.

I continue to support anyone who chooses weight loss surgery, or to lose weight i more traditional ways, or to work on their fitness, or to tell me to mind my own damn business about their weight and their health. Whatever you choose, I’m ok with it. I do think it’s important to understand though that the ‘magic number’ on the scales is NOT the only measure of health, or self esteem or value. Human beings are a bit more complicated than that. And in Matt Diaz’s case, a lot more fabulous too.