Public Speaker and Healthcare Advocate

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Tracey’s warmth and sense of humour give a great insight into the many challenges of being plus sized – but she will also tell you about a few of the benefits too. If you didn’t think there were any, or even that it was possible to be happy, confident and fulfilled at a larger size then you’re in for a surprise.

With an adaptable approach, Tracey’s enthusiasm and willingness to share make her an engaging and interesting speaker able to communicate to a wide range of audiences. Stating her personal view to be being ‘Neither ‘Pro-Fat nor Anti-Diet’ she is a passionate advocate for self acceptance at any size.

Tracey works as a Consultant to a number of leading Healthcare companies and as an advocate for better healthcare for plus sized patients. She has developed a seminars on Maintaining Dignity of Care for the Supersized which she has delivered at a wide range of Hospitals and Clinical Training Establishments across the UK and Europe. In addition she works as part of a team delivering training in the moving and handling of Plus Sized Patients.

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