Career History

Personal History

My career as an IT Project Manager working in the City of London for a Blue chip company finally ended when my increasingly noisy requests to be made redundant were answered. There then followed a brief but very unhappy experience working in a company which offered clothes for bigger people. I loved designing the clothes but working for a size unfriendly boss who believed that fat people should be grateful for the cheapest fabrics, nastiest colours and roughest construction was just too depressing to bear.

Plus Size Fashion

I knew there was a demand for luxurious clothes and good service so after just five weeks I took the plunge. I handed my notice in, sold my house and used the proceeds to set up my own company. After six successful years my company, BeaBea, was sold on and although I still work with the new company, designing and producing plus sized clothes I’m very much in the background which gives me the freedom to pursue my other interests.

Model and Actress

Even when I was working in IT though I was working as a Plus Sized model and also did some TV work as a bit part Actress. My Agency despair of me because I always reject any of the opportunities which seek to denigrate or ridicule larger people but it’s a difficult balancing act and I have got it wrong on occasions – as you can see on my appearance on the Alan Carr show. While I want to see more larger people represented in the media I’m now very cautious about which ones I accept. You can see more about my TV, Radio and Press here.

Bariatric Demonstrations

I accepted a request from my Agency to be a Bariatric model for a Patient Handling course though and had my first experience demonstrating transfer equipment and handling techniques with Mary Muir from Arjo Huntleigh. She was interested in the feedback I could give her students regarding the patients perspective and was kind enough to book me repeatedly, and to let me address her audiences. I’m incredibly grateful to her for the opportunities that then followed and since then I’ve had the chance to speak up as an advocate for larger people to a many different audiences.