Fat Lot She Knows is neither ‘anti-diet’, nor ‘pro-fat’ — we just seek to ensure dignified and respectful care for all.

I’m an Independent Consultant offering advocacy, advice and support to larger people and those seeking to assist them with Health Care needs. I’m also fat – and at 200+kgs I can give a unique insight into how it feels to be living and working in a size-unfriendly world.

Tracey Carr

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I pity trolls who hate me because I’m fat…

Posted on 06/06/2016

Interesting article on the BBC today… I pity trolls who hate me because I’m fat http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-36447394 The American feminist performer Lindy West happily describes herself as fat, but she can’t understand why strangers think her size gives them the right to send her abusive messages online. Speaking to the BBC, she explains that when she Read more


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The Articles tell you a little about what’s been on my mind recently, and the Forum will be coming soon. I hope it will become a  platform for Healthcare Professionals and Larger people alike to discuss the issues and challenges that they face and to work together to find solutions.

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